Our Objectives

  •  We aim to create inspiring landscapes that exemplify architectural beauty, design excellence, and flawless execution
  •  We strive to provide our customers with premium landscape design, execution, and maintenance solutions
  •  We stay continuously up-to-date with the latest global
    industry developments and best practices
  • We constantly work towards improving our performance, upgrading the quality of our products, and diversifying our services to meet a wide range of clients’ tastes, requirements, and budgets
  • We are keen on adopting and maintaining a thriving work environment where employees feel valued and inspired to offer their best

Our Best Practices

  1.  We join strong leadership to best management practices, and lend great importance to a nurturing corporate culture
  2. We set up result-oriented strategies aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction
  3. We invest in state-of-the-art technologies and equipment
  4. We are constantly looking to hire the best talents
  5. We insist on employing highly competent engineers with an innovative approach as well as on enhancing our construction management capabilities
  6. We carefully plan projects based on well-defined priorities and timeframes
  7. We believe in efficiency and conduct ongoing research to develop new products
  8. We commit to the highest level of accuracy in terms of quality, punctuality, and budgets

Our Capabilities

  • Our current agricultural assets consisting of farms, palms, trees, and shrubs are worth over SAR 5 million.
  • Our current fixed assets including motor vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment are worth over SAR 5 million.
  • Our robust network of suppliers enables us to respond quickly to urgent, demanding, and large-scale requirements.”.

Our Quality Standards

Quality makes reputation. At Modern Gardens Limited, we use a leading Project Planning program developed by Microsoft to streamline procedures, monitor performance, and measure results. This helps us in managing projects efficiently and accurately to keep up with our clients’ expectations. Additionally, our Engineering Department uses AutoCAD and other key software to realize detailed technical drawings of the highest precision.

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